On of the Fashion Trends of 2013 is backpacks. At this time, backpacks for both genders had become an idol. It is common for a woman to have dozens of bags of various shapes and colors. One of the factors that makes backpack for both genders very popular, in terms of design. The design is simple and appealing, being the attraction. Colors also affect the interest with backpacks. The trend this year is casual colors such as white, black, brown, silver. Let’s take a look this stylish backpack . There are some pictures of both genders backpacks 2013 for you with many variations of color and design.

Even Celebrity, Kanye has joined the back pack gang. You know a brand is super exclusive when a major music star admits that he’s had to wait a while to get one of their items. Apparently Louis Vuitton had Kanye West wait a whole year and a half to get his hands on one of their super-exclusive backpacks. Of course Kanye has been spotted all over the nation flaunting his fab find, though we certainly are not sure if it’s really becoming on him. After all, hip-hop and couture aren’t exactly a traditional match and considering how Kanye pairs the fly bag with his ultra casual, almost bordering on things the guys on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy would throw out of a layman’s closet, we’re not even sure if it was worth the wait for him!



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