Fashion News: Reinventing Nike Project

This video is all about our very own Londoners working on a project, which is to reinvent Nike . Who knew it could take up to 6 or more people, with variety of roles just to reinvent it. They have been influenced by shoe design, heritage imagery and the London cultures of the time, have produced their own reinterpretations of a specific Air Max shoe. A limited edition Air Max Reinvent fanzine will also be available to attendees on the night, together with a signed hand painted, watercolour still from the Air Max 1 animation.

The Nike Air Max Evolution

 1987  brought much more than big hair and love ballads. It brought the Air Max 1, the first trainer where you could actually see that you were running on air. It featured three times more air than any previous Nike shoe, which greatly improved flexibility and balance. To top it all off, the Air Max 1 looked just as good as it felt with its stripe of red suede. 

1990 brought grunge, neon colors and a rather casual look. The Air Max 90 was definitely the right choice in 1990. It boasted resilient flex grooves, a brand new multi-lace port system and unparalleled stability. The shade of the Air Max 90 was soon to be known as infrared, giving it a look as distinctive as its feel.

1991 the years before the Internet may seem far off, but it was not until 1991 that we started to surf on the internet for real. New inventions hit the sneaker stores too, the most memorable one being the Air 180. This super light sneaker elevated the design of Nike Air, pairing the forefoot airbag with a fully visible heel unit. The extra cushioning made Air 180 much lighter, putting a spring in the step of both athletes and techs.

In 1995, people were walking the streets  wearing the Air Max 95. It was the first shoe to introduce visible air to the forefoot as well as the rear, and the new air bag design gave it maximum cushioning. The forked forefoot panel and the nylon lace strap system ensured a snug fit. Design wise, the reflective heel and the bold neon and grey coloring made sure that the Air Max 95 would have you feeling like a boss.

2006 – Mixing new and old always works, and while the world was frantically reading a brand new story about an ancient code, Nike released the Air Max 360. Its design paid tribute to the original Air Max 1, but its setup was entirely new. The Air Max 360 had the first ever foamless 360 midsole, sporting a significant level of cushioning. This shoe was the logical conclusion of the original Nike Air Max project, finally allowing athletes to literally run on air.

2013 WHAT’S NEXT ?

We’ll just have to wait and see


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