Style Watching: Kanye West

The Good Music musician, producer, film director and fashion designer as not only kept us entertained through his music but his appearance, style in particular often stands out of the crowd. Kanye West’s unique and outspoken style is often showcased whether through his controversial album covers for his music, choice of words or simply his clothing. 1 kanye 2 kanye 3 kanye

Kanye mixes old school, with luxury designer brands in his looks and is always fashion forward never wanting to be seen subtle in his choice of clothing. Keeps pushing boundaries portrays confidence and is bold whatever he’s rocking.

4 kanye kanye 5

One look that some may not give Kanye a pass on were maybe his unusual looking ‘Shutter’ shades which caused a copycat faze after the shades appeared in his Stronger video.

yeezy yeezy 2

Kanye continued to express his interest for fashion by collaborating with designer label Louis Vuitton to design a collection of footwear. As well as designing his own collection of ‘Air Yeezy’s for Jordan which can often be seen on Kanye himself.


Kanye West Fashion Line


Kanye West has continued to leave his mark in the fashion world by debuting his own woman’s collection which he debuted during Paris fashion week in 2011.



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