Show Stoppers: Ludacris Special

Jewellery – the Ultimate show stopper whether it be mouth full of grills, your crews symbol or just few pieces around your neck which shows your status in the game. Bling is a celebrities and more precise an MC’s  ultimate accessory. Whether it is brought with that record label advance or just to show how much money you’ve got to some and occasionally many rappers it’s the only accessory to be seen in. Well Kardinal Official said in one of his lines: ‘It’s my security piece, it gives me security’……Guess that says it all

Check out these OTT pieces:

Artist – Ludacris

This Southern rapper surely knows how it’s done, since dropping his first album in 1998. ‘Luda’ as we’ve come to know him has kept it moving not only succeeding in his music but venturing out and appearing in several film roles including ‘Hustle and Flow’ and the up and coming 2013 ‘Fast and Furious 6’ just to name a few. This Money Maker has won numerous awards including Screen Actors Guild, MTV and Grammy awards. He is also involved  in several charitable projects including his own named the ‘Ludacris Foundation’ which also hosts a ‘Luda weekend’ which is in it’s 7th year focusing on giving back to the community whether it be highlighting local charities or supporting through donations.  There’s never a shortage of celebrities that come out to support.

When stepping out Luda’s consistently well presented, always looking cool, sharp and clean cut which at times includes the design of his side burns. He can be seen in this Atlanta hometown rolling around in cars well many of us can only dream about. Admitting he loves to collect cars and at one point owning more than 15 as well as owning one from the ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ movie with a Louis Vuitton paint job, which he also stared in. When he’s not on the ground he keeps doing ish wealthy people do like flying his private jet over some yacht somewhere.

Amazing thing about this rapper/actor keeps it humble, well as they say when you got it, you ain’t gotta scream about it. So Luda we ‘Stand up’ and salute you, you is a Show stopper.


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